Heaven For The Budget Otaku~

Have you ever wanted to go to japan but lack the funds? or maybe you are deterred by the language barrier. Well for those who have faced these problems cheer up X3 For those in SG or Have a decent command of the chinese language there is a cheaper alternative ^^ <TAIWAN>


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Black Rock Shooter TV Animation Ver. Nendoroid Unboxing


I’m stuck at home today while others have the chance to go for EOY >_> so I decided to get this post out today.

Anyways, I unboxed the nendoroid on video and it has been on Youtube for a couple of days now… don’t really know whether anyone’s seen it >_>

So anyways, it’s here! ^ ^

Black Rock Shooter TV Animation Ver. Nendoroid Unboxing

And here are some of the picture of the Nendoroid in other forms!

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Back from overseas trips!


Just got back a day or two ago from Bangkok which I left for a day after returning from Taiwan ^ ^;;

Anyway, some updates, I’ll be doing to BRS Nendo unboxing soon on our Youtube, I’m visiting EOY’s cosplay event on the 9th of December and will also be covering on some tips on figure photography~

It’s just a really short update, so do look forward to it in this two weeks!



~NekoMeko~ ≡(^・ω・^)≡

Ello there~~ ‘Raizon here!:D Something interesting to introduce here!~

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AFA12 Cosplay by a man, his camera and a stabilizer


I came across something really cool a few days back. RavenCloudNine from youtube went around AFA12 with his DSLR and a stabilizer to take videos of the awesome cosplays over there and the videos turned out to be awesome. You can check them out at RavenCloudNine on Youtube~

I’m upgrading this account soon to be able to upload videos, but for now, you guys got to visit the link above ^ ^;;

Do take a look at the videos, they are pretty awesome!



Anime Festival Asia 2012 Singapore!

Hello! I’m so sorry for taking so long. This is because I was too busy with my work and weren’t able to post anything. However, since today is Sunday. I have some free time. So let’s start off with last week Anime Festival Asia.

As you all know, Anime Festival Asia in Singapore this year is by far the largest. But instead of typing down the details for you, why not I post some pictures and let you see it for yourself?

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Weiss Schwarz XD

Hello everyone 畑 here XD. 今晩は!

Today i shall start the weiss schwarz topic (YAY XDXD). Being a committed player, i love this game and i spend lots of cash on it (T.T which left me weeks without money). I witnessed the depths of this game as well as the players who played it. Lets have a small player profile.

Series playing: Milky Holmes, Fate Stay Night/Fate Hollow Ateraxia/Fate Zero, Angel Beats

Current Decks: Milky Holmes- 1

Angel Beats- 2

Fate- 1

Main Deck: Angel Beats

Bought the weiss schwarz black climax box but still haven’t try out the game ><. Need help on Japanese translation T.T

– 畑

New author: 畑^^(Hata)

今日は!私は畑です!はじめまして!!Hi guys!! I am Hata and I would be a co-editor of this blog ! (claps ^^) I would be posting more on games, namely card games such as weiss schwarz and chaos by Bushiroad; and psp/ps vita games. All opinions are personal and please correct me if i am wrong. Personal opinion on my posts are also welcome! ^^ Following will be a short introduction of me.

Sex: Male

Main Hobby: Card games, Playing video games(especially music games) , Reading manga, Drawing, Music

Dislikes: Inability to control spending, Hates huge amounts of wasabi ><

Wishes: To have supernatural abilities (who don’t) XD

When i have the time, i would browse 1999 or ebay to find my hobbies ^^

Thank You and please take care of me!!! ありがとう!よろしくお願いします!^^

Culture Japan Night 2012


Culture Japan Night 2012 has ended and I’m going to talk about it in this post. Both Hellkiller123 and I attended the event and I’ve brought home with me lots of photos of the event ^ ^


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Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 1 – Neko.Shiro.Mashiro

Ello there~ Horizon here again after so long… Haha sorry but just lost to the enemy I like to call Procrastination… Dangerous enemy that one… Anyways I’m back and this time to try out writing my own anime review, “Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo”. So do  be kind towards me since it’s my first time >.<

Panties horoscope! Green is the one to go!

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