Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 1 – Neko.Shiro.Mashiro

Ello there~ Horizon here again after so long… Haha sorry but just lost to the enemy I like to call Procrastination… Dangerous enemy that one… Anyways I’m back and this time to try out writing my own anime review, “Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo”. So do  be kind towards me since it’s my first time >.<

Panties horoscope! Green is the one to go!

Erm shall set a little background, Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo started as a light novel written by Hajime Kamoshida and now it’s adapted to an anime. From what I know the light novels will end with 10 volumes and so far 8 are published (if I’m not wrong, that is) I won’t delve too deep into the actual story for now sooooo let’s jump in!

The first episode starts with our male protagonist who shall remain unnamed for now~ And he comments that he finds his life boring and wished that he could blame someone for it. And as things start to feel a bit melancholic, we get a slap in the face with the funny interaction with his senior Misaki-senpai~ Then his 29 years and 15 months old teacher Chihiro-sensei, then comes the playboy Jin-senpai. Thus nicely and quite hilariously introducing the place where our male protagonist, Kanda Sorata, lives  in – Sakurasou.

In school, we are introduced to his friends but more importantly, Aoyama Nanami, who seems to like Kanda and cares alot about him. Then of course he is sent by Chihiro-sensei to fetch the newcomer to Sakurasou – Shiina Mashiro. Who at first enchanted him, and asked him an interesting question ‘What colour do you want to be?’ and he answers with a rather weird colour – Opal, which really isn’t a colour is it? Too bad, Kanda… She didn’t move into Sakurasou for no reason =w= Turns out she can’t really take care of herself can she?

I really like the way this episode was presented. I cannot say much about it yet since we’re only in the first episode and anything could happen (well to be honest I’ve watched this series as it came out and I’m only writing this now, but I will try to write as though its is my first time watching [I re-watched this to refresh a little]). The animation isn’t spectacular, but its is better than average and I think JC-Staff did their best so far and the quality was very good with scenes like the one where Kanda meets Shiina for the first time outside the train station. The voice acting, oh my, I love Matsuoka Yoshitsugu’s tsukkomi’s for the jokes of the ‘loony’ people of Sakurasou, you don’t hear that often in Sword Art Online XD The story so far is well set up, and you kind of see that Kanda, being a rather normal person, feels kind of awkward living with the people aat Sakurasou, who are crazy but also geniuses who really does work in their respective fields. I kinda agree that the last explosion should be pushed back a little, nice how the animators actually added that in the actual video Misaki-senpai made~ So Kanda wants to leave Sakurasou, but he picked up a white can and then 6 more. Now he’s met a white girl, how will he get out?

Thanks for reading, any suggestions for me? Kinda fun doing this and I hope u can share how I can improveXP I shall try to finish these reviews and catch up with the actual broadcast~


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