Culture Japan Night 2012


Culture Japan Night 2012 has ended and I’m going to talk about it in this post. Both Hellkiller123 and I attended the event and I’ve brought home with me lots of photos of the event ^ ^


The event was held at Kallang Theater and we arrived there about 3:30pm. Since we were a tad late, everyone was already inside ^ ^;; We were greeted by the new Mirai Suenaga Itasha though! Queue line was already empty~ 

The itasha had a new sticker job since AFA 2011 ^ ^ 

So we rushed in and we got to the registration room, paid $10 and got quite a few goodies when I registered… I sisn’t get any merchandise at the booth though >___< I didn’t bring enough money… *regret* *regret* Anyways, we got our name card and writing our names, we entered the main hall~ p.s. the first few images are pretty noisy cause I forgot to change the setting from ISO 6400


Mirai Stuff was everywhere! And I turned around and saw Takanori-san from GSC :3 

Here’s us filling up our name tags at the table 

We then proceeded to the main hall ^ ^ People are everywhere! >__< Most of these people are here for networking, making friends, meeting the people they hardly get the chance to meet like Takanori-san, Kamiyama-san and Digitarou ^ ^   

There was also a dolls section where people gather up their daughters for display ^ ^ There was a pretty amazing collection of dolls here.

There were figures on display too from Good Smile Company Left to Right: Nendo Yui Takamura, Nendo Senomiya Akiho and Nendo Sendou Aichi

Figma Labrys

Figma Black Gold Saw Animation Ver.

Nendo Sakai Wakana, Nendo Asuna 

MIKU DAYO! :3 HAHA this is awesome! and the GSC Racing BMW Z4 

Figma Mami Tomoe Uniform Ver., Puella Magi Madoka Magica Extension set 2 

These are the awesome Graphig++ Puella Magi Madoka Magica! Pretty darn cute! I’m gonna be ordering these ^ ^ 

Nendo Ultimate Madoka ^ ^ 

The full sized Ultimate Madoka here~ 

That was all the figures on display ^ ^ I then went to crowd with the rest of the people to listen to Danny-san interview the guests This is Fukuoka Toshihiro from ascii media who came to talk about some developments about Hatsune Miku ^ ^ He basically screwed around with everyone by showing us lots of stuff about perspectives showing us stuff like the last supper and mona lisa ^ ^;; He also showed us some miku stuff, you can see them below ^ ^ 

Some new merchandises ^ ^

Here’s a Video on Hatsune Miku [Chaining Intentions] at Yokohama, Japan

Then it was the IG Production guys, including Kamiyama-san ^ ^ They came and talk about their new products, including 009 RE:CYBORG and Ghost in the shell SAC movies! The PVs were awesome and i’ll be catching the movies soon! 009 RE:CYBORG is a reproduction of an anime many years ago by Shotaro Ishinomori. It’s gonna be 3D and the movie is 100% CGI. Pretty awesome work of Production IG.

They first talked about the new production by Kamiyama-san which is the remake of 009 RE:CYBORG. Basically, they had the idea of recreating this iconic show and it was also partially due to the 11 March 2011 Japan Earthquake and tsunami which devastated many parts of Japan which included the Miyagi Prefecture, hometown to Ishinomori. It’s really awesome to have someone as awesome as Kamiyama-san to be behind the remake of 009 RE:CYBORG. 

Here’e the PV from Culture Japan Night: 009 RE:CYBORG

They also talked a bit about an anime of theirs which is currently airing, PSYCHO-PASS, it’s an awesome anime and you guys should check it out! ^ ^

Oh yeah! Danny-san did this too!

Here’s the PV they showed: PSYCHO-PASS PV

Then they talked about Ghost in the shell SAC, which came to Singapore on the day of CJ Night. It isn’t 100% CGI like 009 RE:CYBORG. It’s pretty awesome and you guys should check it out too!

The PV is available here: Ghost in the Shell SAC PV 

It was then GSC’s turn ^ ^

Takanori, Digitarou and *another guy* I’m sorry…. I really cannot remember his name…. walks in and is greeted by the huge crowd… two girls beside me were going totally crazy over Takanori-san and Digitarou-san ^ ^;;

Many things were discussed while GSC and Digitarou are here ^ ^

Super Sonico’s *measurements*, upcoming stuff, WOOSER PV Here , Their ages and even celebrated *the other dude’s* birthday ^ ^

lol… ^ ^;;

By the ways, WOOSER is awesome, go check it out!

After that, Mr Brown joined us and made everybody laugh like hell, talked about cameras and his recent trips around the world. He’s an awesome dude, check him out on twitter @mrbrown

There was also a competition held that day, it was a Moekana competition, the winner got awesome gifts :3

There were many other people there that we could network with, including the guys from Collateral Damage Studios which displayed and brought along their awesome pieces of artwork to the event ^ ^ Unfortunately, all their SAO stuff were already sold out by the time AFA12 ended.

So yeah…. that basically sums Culture Japan Night 2012 ^ ^

Please do visit next year! Us AFJapan guys will be ready to go around and network, hopefully recruit more members from other parts of the world.

Thanks for reading, you guys are awesome. AFA12 post will come soon from Hellkiller123 (sooooooooooooooooooooooon)

The first ever figure unboxing on video will also roll out within this weekend, stay tuned to AFJapan’s Youtube



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