Heaven For The Budget Otaku~

Have you ever wanted to go to japan but lack the funds? or maybe you are deterred by the language barrier. Well for those who have faced these problems cheer up X3 For those in SG or Have a decent command of the chinese language there is a cheaper alternative ^^ <TAIWAN>



I will show you step by step on how to find anime stores in taiwan’s main train station.


Since this shopping area is at the taiwan main train station getting there is not a problem, as long as you are able to find the railway/subway. Fortunately for me my hotel was just next to the rail way station.


Firstly if You are above ground you should see staircases leading down to the Underground mall Or 《地下街》as they call it. As soon as you get underground you should be able to see shops and eateries like in a normal shopping mall.

Arcade anyone?  8 jubeat machines 4 Project Diva and 4 reflec beat



The next move would be to ask for directions or look for a map to help u make your way to street <Y> in the underground mall. There are a total of 5 streets X Y Z K R and the taipei main station M. Where ever u arrive at feel free to ask a staff, the people there are quite friendly.

Since i came from Street <Z> i made my way towards the main train station before turing to Street <Y> since it was the most clear cut route on the map. If u enter by the same route as mee you should be at exit 1/2 of Street <Y>





If you arrive at street <Y> via the Taipei main station it is most likely that you start from the exit 1 or 2 of the Street <Y>.At first it will seem the same as every other underground mall street however if you take 15~20 min of your time to walk down towards the end of Street <Y> you will be greeted with rows after rows of Anime merchandise stores.









IMG_0090  IMG_0096


IMG_0092 IMG_0077  IMG_0079



Feel Free to spend your whole afternoon indulging in anime merchandise which is hard to come by and tae the opportunity to buy XD


They even have card shops X3


Gachapon machines at every shop

Some bonus if You walk to the end there is 2 maid cafes to choose from and for the girls there is also a butler cafe




Oh and note to all readers who intend to go to Taiwan avoid this place during weekends it is extremely crowded

Thanks For Reading ~Nya~


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