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Heaven For The Budget Otaku~

Have you ever wanted to go to japan but lack the funds? or maybe you are deterred by the language barrier. Well for those who have faced these problems cheer up X3 For those in SG or Have a decent command of the chinese language there is a cheaper alternative ^^ <TAIWAN>


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Otonashi X Kanade ~ AMV X3

Video link :

Hi Realize  here got bored so I made this video. My favourite paring in angel beats XD ~Otonashi x Kanade~

Hope you enjoy it. If you have any songs or anime series you wan to see in an AMV please leave a comment below.


New Member ~ Self Intro >.<

Hello Realize here. Just joined Afjapan Sometime in June. I was regularly viewing the site, which was setup by my friends. And decided to join in on the fun.


I would not consider myself an otaku. I watch some Animes and only started two years ago after getting introduced to it by Yuuhi Horizon. This would explain why I have a very small scope of shows.


I generally enjoy making Anime Music Videos [AMV] in my spare time. Mixing different series together. I have some worked posted on a random acc on Youtube 1½ years back. So if there are any song or series you want to see in anime music mix feel Free to leave a song or series in the comments below. Thx >.<