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Weiss Schwarz XD

Hello everyone 畑 here XD. 今晩は!

Today i shall start the weiss schwarz topic (YAY XDXD). Being a committed player, i love this game and i spend lots of cash on it (T.T which left me weeks without money). I witnessed the depths of this game as well as the players who played it. Lets have a small player profile.

Series playing: Milky Holmes, Fate Stay Night/Fate Hollow Ateraxia/Fate Zero, Angel Beats

Current Decks: Milky Holmes- 1

Angel Beats- 2

Fate- 1

Main Deck: Angel Beats

Bought the weiss schwarz black climax box but still haven’t try out the game ><. Need help on Japanese translation T.T

– 畑